Earth Works

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ASL has specialized equipment for all ground conditions and has moved in excess of 10,000,000 cubic meters of earth. Earth Works projects have included river channels, storm water management ponds, stream construction and rehabilitation, fish habitats, and site grading.


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    The Marshes Golf Course

    Kanata Research Park Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario

    The project entailed converting unused land into an 80 ha world-class golf course, in accordance with strict specifications and schedules. ASL completed all golf course features, doing so primarily with its in-house work force.

    Highlights include:

    • Excavation of 800,000m³ of earth
    • Blasting & excavating of 65,000m³ of rock
    • Excavating & placing 65,000m³ of “unsuitable” peat soils
    • Construction of 3 Storm Water Management Facilities including associated piping & structures
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    Sunset Lakes

    Sunset Lakes Corporation, Greely, Ontario

    The project entailed working in very high water table conditions with in-flowing sands and silts to construct various storm water management features. ASL completed all work with its in-house work force.

    Highlights Include:

    • Excavation of 600,000m³ of earth
    • Heavy requirement for dewatering and earth hauling
    • Strong emphasis on material management to mitigate impact of poor ground
    • Utilization of GPS guidance system to accurately excavate in submerged conditions.
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    Half-Moon Bay Preliminary Grading
    & Todd SWMP

    Mattamy Homes, Ottawa, Ontario

    The project entailed preliminary works for the development of a housing development. The work involved large earth grading quantities and the construction of Todd Storm Water Management Pond. ASL completed all work with its in-house work force.

    Highlights Include:

    • Utilization of low ground pressure scraper trains (1st of its kind in Eastern Ontario)
    • GPS technology for surveying and equipment guidance.
    • Excavation of 900,000m³ of earth
    • Construction of Storm Water Management Facility including planting shelves to complex elevations