About Us


Established in 1975 Agrodrain Systems Limited (ASL) began with the purchase of a bulldozer that we customized to create a specialized tile drainage plow. Over time the operation grew to 3 plows and opportunities took us through India & Pakistan partnering with regional governments to share our specialized knowledge and equipment.

Once back on Canadian soil we continued to evolve expanding our capacities into earthworks and golf course construction. This period took us through North America constructing golf courses in Boston, Vermont, & Connecticut as well as local courses including Eagle Creek & The Marshes.

This expertise in earthworks lead us to partnering with Ottawas largest land developers to build Ottawas largest residential subdivisions. This partnership & integration later evolved into ASL once again entering the landscape sector.

Today we are regarded as the pre-eminent local earthworks experts and a leading landscape contractor. This combination of earthworks and landscaping capacities is unique in our market and coupled with our innovative, service centric, employee focused culture makes us industry leaders.



  • In-house Topographic Drone Surveys in Ottawa
  • Training & Development Program in Ottawa
  • Hybrid Electric Bulldozer in Eastern Ontario
  • Underground Fiber Optic Cable Installation in Canada


  • Fleet of Tilt-Rotators for Construction in North America
  • Fleet of GPS Machine Control Excavators in Ottawa


  • Subdivision Heat Mapping Program
  • Integrated Earthworks Program
  • Foundation Builder Program

We accomplish this with industry leading Estimating, Project Management, Scheduling & Accounting Software. We go beyond the traditional contractor role by providing our expertise as trusted advisors; providing input into strategic planning; and developing win-win cost saving initiatives. This approach has led to numerous long-term relationships built on a foundation of understanding, trust and mutual respect.