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ASL provides innovative concepts and execution for environmentally sensitive projects. We have built a sound reputation with local agencies though our experience with habitat construction, pond & creek remediation and in-water works.


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    Brewer Park Pond Restoration

    Richcraft Group of Companies, Ottawa Ontario

    The project entailed creating distinct zones, constructing habitat features and connecting the pond to the Rideau River

    Highlights Include:

    • 200 Habitat features including inverted root wads, jackstraw log jams, basking logs & sweeper trees
    • 2130 x 1400 Arched Steel CSP Culvert
    • Salvaging & re-use of 12,000m² of hydric soils
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    Poole Creek Remediation

    Mattamy Homes Inc., Ottawa, Ontario

    The project entailed remediation work along a section of Poole Creek.

    Highlights Include:

    • Stream bank slope stabilization
    • Construction of in-stream washed river stone riffles, root wads and boulder clusters.
    • Salvaging & re-use of existing native vegetation
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    South Barrhaven Fish
    Compensation Pond

    South Barrhaven Landowners Inc., Ottawa, Ontario

    The project entailed construction of a bypass pond along the Jock River, coupled with various habitat features.

    Highlights Include:

    • Minimal disruption to existing vegetation
    • Construction of Polypropylene channel liner
    • Fish habitat features including brush pile & sunning log features, submerged logs, root wads & native vegetation
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    Todd SWMP – Outflow Channel

    Mattamy Homes, Ottawa, Ontario

    The project entailed construction of a 330m outflow channel designed to provide a fish habitat.

    Highlights Include:

    • Excavation of 35,000m³ of earth
    • Construction of 330m meandering low flow channel within a much wider high flow channel
    • Fish habitat features including riffles of washed river stone, boulder clusters and root wads